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Erik Aude

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I Was on Death Row in Pakistan

Erik Anthony Audé ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Stuntman und professioneller Pokerspieler, der wegen angeblichen Drogenhandels in Pakistan festgenommen und inhaftiert wurde. Audé behauptet, er sei zum Tragen von Opium getäuscht worden. Serien und Filme mit Erik Aude: Timeless · This Is Us · Grey's Anatomy · K.C. Undercover · Scorpion · Navy CIS · Legends · Sons of Anarchy · Homes of . Wir verarbeiten Ihre Daten, um Inhalte oder Anzeigen bereitzustellen, und analysieren die Bereitstellung solcher Inhalte oder Anzeigen, um Erkenntnisse über. Erik Aude ist ein amerikanischer Schauspieler. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner 21 Karriere-Jahre und alle News.
Erik Aude

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You may later unsubscribe. Erik Aude Xavi Israel Guard 2 Joey Paul Jensen Self Abraham Justice Guard 1 as Ibrahim Elkest Robin Mountjoy Self Erin O'Brien Self James Vondra Self Mourad Zaoui Edit Storyline The true life story of Erik Aude, who was duped into drug smuggling and spent three years in a Pakistani prison.

Genres: Documentary. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. You know I got my boots on, I don't take anything off and I just pass out at the end and I'm trying to sleep.

But my mind won't shut off. My body is tired, but my mind won't shut off. And then I start to hear people coming in and scuffling and before I know it, you know when someone's in your bubble, your private space.

And someone says to me, what country? Eric Aude: [] And I learned the hard way a couple of nights previous that you don't say America.

I said Pakistan, born and raised. Fuck that country. I'm not American. There's me, posing with the guards. Eric Aude: [] I said, that guy doesn't even look like me.

And sure enough, I'm going to full out brawl again. This time, I'm getting fucking wrecked because I'm so tired of just too many of them. I'm the Santa Claus in Greenland's.

Everyone's on my back and I'm chucking these assholes. Now, I moved it out onto the balcony, which is a smaller balcony and I'm keeping the balcony so they can't get around me.

I'm using the wall, but they're just getting his smashed and hitting him try, it's mostly grabbing shove, and this dudes on my shoulder, so I throw him off my shoulder onto the crowd below.

And when I throw them over the balcony. I mean Eric Aude: [] Yeah. I threw him off the second story balcony but onto crowd below.

So I mean, he's Jack dead. He's not dead you know. Eric Aude: [] The guards decided to get involved and started baton charging everyone, and they came into beat the crap out of me, the crowd and me with the batons.

And then they took me to [kasuri] [] And [kasuri] [] is a punishment cell. It's punishment cell in prison.

And I would spend my first five days in jail in [kasuri] []. But in solitary confinement, you know they just leave you alone, but in [kasuri] [], they'd beat the bottom of your feet once a day.

The only time you get fed as when they bring you a cup of dough and a row tea which is like a tortilla. You dunk that in that you get fed once a day and [kasuri] [] you're in complete darkness.

There's no light whatsoever. The only time we see light is when it's your turn to had the bottom of your feet beaten or when they feed you and the room's so small that you can't lay down completely.

Eric Aude: [] It's like a closet. So you're constantly always propped up and you have to ssh, you know, used to go to the bathroom and a hole in the corner and you're basically trying to shit and piss into that small hole that you can't even see.

Cockroaches climb all over you. Mosquitoes get at you, ants get at you. Scorpions, everything comes at you. The rats will come out of the holes at sometimes.

Eric Aude: [] And the only time you know, you just all -- you're there in pure darkness with your own thoughts. I would spend my first five days in that room and I was spending a total of days of my entire three years in Pakistan in that room, eight weeks in a row, was the longest.

Jordan Harbinger: [] I don't know why I heard 90 days. Oh my God, that is terrible. And so you're stuck in this closet. I don't even want to make you take us through that anymore than you have.

What do you start doing in prison once you get out of that? I mean I know you started learning Urdu, which I think is probably a really good move.

Erik Aude: [] Exactly. I called them out. I was like, so you don't have to show up here anymore. She's not going to hook up with you.

And he just kept quiet at that time. I guess someone gave him like a little talking to. The superintendent had put me on death row because they couldn't put me in general population because people were trying to kill me.

And whenever I went, people were trying to get it. People were yelling and spitting and some dickhead hit me with a rake and like it was just anger towards me, everywhere I went.

I know what it's like to have people hate me for the color of my skin. And I mean hate me, hate me. Yeah, so if someone says you don't know what it's like, my white privilege got me stabbed and shot at and beaten and more fights than I could fucking count.

So don't use that crap on me. Erik Aude: [] Oh no, I understand it. It's going to cost 24, rupees because that's what everyone else is paying and that's what I'm going to pay.

He was wearing the suit that was way the fuck bigger than him. Erik Aude: [] Beetlejuice, you have those characters as real big students that were just.

Erik Aude: [] Or the dude that was being -- the dude who used to take papers and through the wall, because he was run over by a truck.

He was like—. Sign here. And he says, I can you say it with a straight face. Erik Aude: [] I had no fighting chance because everyone was just trying to capitalize off of my situation.

Everyone was Erik Aude: [] No one wanted to help me. They just wanted to fuck me over. That's all I wanted to do. That's all they wanted to do.

They didn't see a human being in a bad situation. Jordan Harbinger: [] So you're this Liam Neeson movie or whatever.

Beaten up other prisons? Jordan Harbinger: [] I haven't been in any fights in death row. Death row is pretty fucking tame and I'm waiting to go to the court on the second.

I just want to get bailed. I'm told because I'm a foreigner, I can't get bailed out. I'm trying to figure out everything I can. So all I'm doing when I'm back in prison is trying to figure out the steps to take the workforce, just to get a simple lawyer, someone to fight on my behalf.

That's all it means, trying to get someone to fight on my behalf is pulling fucking teeth. But the very few people speak English.

So I'm having to learn what's being done in Urdu and that's my best chance. But that's the only thing I can figure out that will help me do this.

I'm doing flashcards, I'm not fucking with my time. I'm running 20 to 40 words a day, and this is starting to open up the dialogue with how to communicate me first.

I'm learning like simple things like greetings and foods and directions and whatnot. Now I'm starting to learn words like, Okay, what is going to happen?

Why is this happening? How can I get out of here? How much will it cost? Who do I need to pay to make this happen? And so people are like more amazed that I can start speaking the language and they're like amused but their speaks so quick and not processing it.

I'm saying what I need to say but I'm not processing what I need to understand. And the judge is just keep delaying the case, delaying the case, delaying the case.

But the lawyer I finally got was a lawyer who was recommended from one of the two-star superintendents and he was getting a kickback from it. But it's way the fuck less than what I've been getting charged.

But the embassy, well, Christy is no longer at the embassy at this time. She was only there for four months. Well, they left all, all in charge of my accounts.

I was all as the Pakistani interpreter who is supposed to be in charge of my accounts. Now, all this guy, his job was to come and see me every month and bring me my money.

Well then he stops showing up. This guy just stopped showing up and I didn't understand. So here I was feeling like the neighbor's dog not getting fed because the guy who's supposed to be helping me isn't showing up.

But I hear that he is telling them he's been showing up. Erik Aude: [] So the dudes jacking me. This guy's supposed to be helping me, has been jacking me this whole time.

So now I got to get money in through another way. So my mom, I'm able to call my mom. What are the superintendents? A two star guy named a Hugh.

He wanted his son to get H1 visa. He says, if your mom -- so he kept letting me use a phone to call my mom to help her son get H1 visa.

And I was able to communicate in that sense. But what I need you to do, I gave her the Wells Fargo information to give money to a religious teacher.

They don't get searched. They don't get the mean, because religious teachers are very respected people over there. But they're also one of some of the most corrupt sons of bitches out there.

And they'll smuggle anything in a prison. I mean anything, drugs, weapons, alcohol, money. The guy was working for me. And an exchange, he'd do it for rupees.

That's a big deal for him. That's roughly 10 bucks. Erik Aude: [] But he was bringing me in 24, If he had fucked me though, I would've just let everyone else know and they would stop using him.

So he had a good thing going and he was making a lot of money by bringing me the money. Like he would literally come to my cell in middle of the night, just hand me a big wad of cash.

I give him rupees back, and that's done. Because he wants to do this again every month. The system money. Erik Aude: [] I didn't get a cell phone from him originally.

I got a cell phone through the [Cantina][], the [Cantina][] the first time I ever got a cell phone. They had a [Cantina][] coming in there.

So no one wants to bring things in because they're afraid that if they bring you something in and you get caught, you're rat them out.

Or sometimes if you go through a guard, they'll sell it to you. They'll bring it to you, but then they'll go and rat you out so their devil divvied.

So they're going to go and say, Hey, oh, they got it. Now go shake him down. So you got to be careful who you trust to brings things in. There's all kinds of ways to do it.

Bring it in. I'm hungry though, go get me some fruit. These guys are making only a rupees a day. That's nothing. Jordan Harbinger: [] So you're doubling their daily salary to keep you fed.

Erik Aude: [] Oh, these guys, these guards all started making crazy good money off of me because I needed things to help my time pass.

I wanted things to help my time pass. I needed books to learn the language. I needed law books so I can understand how to fight my case. I wanted things like to make my time pass better.

I wasn't dealing with drugs, women or alcohol. I was dealing with things that would make your time go by, but I was literally the first person to get a cell phone into that prison because there's no guarantee that you're going to get a reception.

The only time I was able to use a phone was up in the office and on the second story, standing on a box crate in the corner next to all these files and files and files to try and get reception that would keep dropping all the time.

We're in the middle of nowhere. This prison is surrounded by desert and so cell phone towers, it's hit or miss. A phone cost, bucks roughly over there.

So first I needed to get my money in. But I'm using that to win a deal, bribe people and start making my own stuff happen.

But also I took a gamble, I ordered a phone from the [Cantina][] and I paid that guy a lot of money take a risk to get that phone in. Phone gets in there, I can find a signal, but I can only find a signal at the top of this locker that I had brought over from B class that I can get on top of it.

And I would put the phone on like a little nail in the wall. So that was steady and then the cord would come there. So that Erik Aude: [] Yeah.

So that I got a good signal in that one little spot that really helped me out though. So I can talk with my family and friends once a week. But because I got that first cell phone in too, I could also do a lot of willing to deal in and out because the embassy wasn't bringing my money anymore.

I had to start hustling inside prison. I could rent that phone out, which I would run out all the time.

In case someone tries to rat me out though, I need to get another phone. I couldn't be bringing the phones in all the time because a [Cantina] [] guy, if too many were coming in, he would get cold feet.

The hijackers were the Palestinian hijackers. These guys were responsible for 23 deaths back in on that US aircraft that they boarded in Karachi and they executed two people.

But the Pakistani command is boarded the plane and killed 21 other people in the crossfire. So they were convicted of two of the deaths. But the Pakistani commandos were responsible for 21 other deaths.

Erik Aude: [] Very sloppy. But these guys had been in that prison since it opened up in Now when they were first there, they were under hour security.

Well, as time went by, they did a bunch of hunger strikes and they started to get little privileges, little by little.

And over time by the time I get there, these guys are the most respected prisoners in the prison.

The guards had grown up with them. They were kids when they went there, but now the guards would have lunch, breakfast, and dinner with these guys.

They all had their own cells. They all were all left alone. They were celebrities in the prison, but they had the most privileges that they name and understand.

They just being left alone is considered a huge privilege. Having your own cell is considered a huge privilege, and anything they want for need, the guards would get without going out turning them in, without getting them in trouble, because the guard respected these guys and they'd grown up with them.

They eat with them all the time. Like if I dealt with the guards, the guards will fuck me over in a heartbeat, in a heartbeat. And I knew that. So I took a stab with the hijackers.

I met the hijackers through [IU][] but just a random meeting. It'd be cool. He thought it I was funny and that these guys are split to hate America.

But these guys ended up becoming my best fucking friends in prison. Man In Blue Suit. Nascar Driver. White Guard.

Ghost Husband. Bartender as Erik Aude'. Passport Forger uncredited. Steroid Highschool Kid uncredited.

Seth Taylor. Jewelry Store Manager uncredited. Scott Worthington. Bad Date 1. Frat guy. Frat Guy uncredited. Student 1.

Hank as Erik Aude. Football Player. Party Guest. Intense Guy. Norb Schaffer. Erik Aude: [] We started off is like this -- the sun was still in the sky when I left and by the time I finally got to our destination, it was pitch black, dark.

We'd go to this neighborhood and the first thing I noticed is there's glass on all the walls between the houses.

There's barbwire fence and like this is Erik Aude: [] Yes, like they'd all just put like walls between houses.

It would literally be like all the fences around your house had just broken glass cemented into the top so that people don't climb over and everything.

And a lot of the houses had guard shacks in front of them with guards, armed guards in front of like one armed guard.

Why get brought up to this house that all these little kids were outside on the driveway, and I'm talking like the whole neighborhood came together to come be here and this one girl comes out, talks to the cab driver, tells me to give him a rupees.

Cab driver loses his mind. He's yelling, but I did what she told me rupees is still, I don't have a lot of rupees. I started with a 1, I already paid for breakfast.

Jordan Harbinger: [] But that's what it was supposed to cost. She knew that already. Erik Aude: [] She knew yeah, she was -- if the guy was asking for a lot more, he's probably asking for a lot more, but he's pissed off because I'm a foreigner.

Foreigners always have money. I didn't have any money. Erik Aude: [] He want probably way more actually. So I follow her into the house. She tells me that her brothers, she told her brothers that I was an actor and I told her the time I'd done the movie, you know, done a few movies and she told people -- it spreads in the neighborhood.

And then a couple of them spoke English, but then we went into her house, which is a huge compound, like just a big house. Yeah, now they want to hang out with you.

I came here to hang out with you. Jordan Harbinger: [] Oh right, they don't want her hanging out with you. Jordan Harbinger: [] This episode is also sponsored by Capterra.

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To learn more and get links to all the great discounts you just heard, visit jordanharbinger. In the worksheet for Erik Aude will not be released until part two airs on Thursday.

That link will be in the show notes at jordanharbinger. Now for the conclusion of part one with Erik Aude. Erik Aude: [] So nothing is going according to plan.

Now the brothers, they seem nice. They were aged. They range in age from 24 to And all the older guys had like beards going like long, long beards, but they all had British accents and they all come in as four of them.

And she made me a burger actually, which is good. She went made me a burger and gave me some soda. And that was, you know, actually the And I didn't understand the customs and culture there.

Like I didn't understand, you know, at the time I didn't know that like her even just leaving the house at night to tell the cab, how much it was and have me pay the cab, we get me was a huge risk on her part because women aren't allowed to leave the house after dark in Pakistan.

They're not allowed to socialize, and then that if they're not married to in Pakistan. They know people would start talking and the way rumors spread can literally cost a woman her life in Pakistan.

I didn't know that at the time, but she was like really taking a risk, even just socializing with someone like me. So I'm glad that I hung out with just her brothers now knowing what I know now, and her brother's idea is showing me a good time was driving around to all the locations.

Hey, there's KFC. Erik Aude: [] Like all right, all I came all the way around the planet to see some fast foods.

Erik Aude: [] But one thing I noticed was that all the lines I saw was guys, my exact words were,. Yeah, that'd be cool.

Let's go where ladies are. Their ideas showing me a good time was so that we can go find a woman unchaperoned and gang rape her because that's their right in Pakistan.

I thought they were kidding at the time, but as in obviously time went by no, that's the way it is. If a woman is seen outside past curfew unchaperoned, especially even if she is chaperoned, if she's unchaperoned during the day, some of these areas, it's the man's right to gang raped her.

But if it's after hours, no, it's every man's right gang rape. This is insane. It's nuts. And people don't understand how good they have it here because this is the crap that's happening over in other countries.

It's not some of them. There is honor killings all the time. There's gang rapes. There was a British man who was born in Pakistan, but he grew up in Britain and he raised his family in Britain.

He brought back his family, two of his daughters, one was a 25 year old doctor. The other one was a 20 year old. And the reason was because he hated the way they were born with the Western mentality.

Well, the 25 year old doctor she has a Western mentality. That's not happening. Jordan Harbinger: [] Yeah, I'm a doctor. I'm not marring some shitty guy.

Well, he said this brought this honor to his family. So he shot his daughter in the face, killing her. Erik Aude: [] For two weeks this man complained in prison that I shouldn't be in jail because the victim's family members have forgiven me and under a Muslim law, if the victim's family members forgive you, then all law forgives you and all is forgotten.

So he spent two weeks in prison complaining about being in jail for the murder of his own daughter. He was released, charges were all dropped.

His other daughter was sold. I'm sure to this day she's still in Pakistan against her will. Erik Aude: [] And this is normal, and that was some guy who grew up in Europe.

I saw it countless times. There was a man, there was a kid he was my age actually, he was 21 when he got arrested and he had an American accent.

He grew up in Detroit. Erik Aude: [] Oh, you might know him then. He grew up in Detroit and him and his cousin raped and murdered a girl in Detroit.

Well, he fled back to Karachi to, avoid, I don't know, to avoid prison in Pakistan, but he was arrested and Karachi transported to Islamabad as that getting ready for extradition back to the US, and this guy liked the lions.

This is how we're raised. Jordan Harbinger: [] That's crazy. Erik Aude: [] In Pakistan. It's just a different mentality.

There was two things we couldn't talk about. We can't talk about politics and women. You couldn't talk about that, and the reason is because we completely didn't agree on anything.

Obviously everyone, you know at the time hated Bush. They hated Americans, policies and why America helps Israel, that's usually what I always rotate around.

Why is America always back in Israel? It's good for my ego. Erik Aude: [] Yeah, but that's how it was being described, and so that wouldn't be isolated incidences.

They don't have any rights whatsoever. So that first day in Pakistan, this woman who I met on the plane who was studying abroad and had a British accent and her brothers all studied abroad had British accents were trying to show me a good time to find a woman that we could all gang rape.

Whatever I drank that day though made me sick. I drank water from a pitcher at this restaurant, I'm thinking that's where I got sick.

Erik Aude: [] The next two days I was sick as a dog. I was shitting sideways. I didn't even wear pants, the entire day on a Wednesday because it was pointless.

Jordan Harbinger: [] I don't mean to laugh, but I can imagine how sick you are. Erik Aude: [] No, no point wearing pants. I lost so much weight.

I was dehydrated. Erik Aude: [] I remember I couldn't eat anything on Tuesday. I ordered some room service, and I was drinking only like 7up bottles that so it bring it up to the room, it was nothing.

I wasn't take chance on anything water-wise, Thursday, I started to feel better and I went out and I just needed to get out was little cabin fever, being in a room I fell a lot better and I got food.

I bought, everything I bought was packaged though I was buying, you know, packaging. I found a store where they weren't charging me a ridiculous amount like they were -- it was like two rupees for like these little Hostess things and I bought bottled water and everything else just, well I go back to the Internet cafe and it's Valentine's day.

It's February 14th, and one of the emails that I got was from this. It was from a girl named Missy. Missy, I had been in love with since I was five.

Missy was the reason why I had studied longer, why I'd worked out harder. She was everything motivation wise for me to do better in my life, to be better in my life.

She was my driving force since I was a kid. For some reason I fell in love with this girl when I was only five years old and it never went away.

Her mother hated me. Her mother was a teacher's aide in the second grade. Even as a kid, I was always in trouble. My name was just etched into the board.

It was always on the chalkboard because I was always telling jokes and, and you know, being disruptive and being a little dipshit and I was always trying to get laughs from everyone.

Well, her mom's sunk these nails into my shoulder. Erik Aude: [] Her mom was an evil woman, just an evil woman. And she stuck her nails into my shoulder and I was in a lot of pain so I squirted her with glue and this is in second grade.

Erik Aude: [] So I squirted her with glue, she was in shock and I grabbed her sweater and threw it in a mud puddle. Well, she never let that go, she never let that go.

She never forgave me and she made sure that her daughter wasn't allowed to date me. So Missy and I would have the date, like in secret and her mom would find out and I guess take it out on Missy and we'd have to distance ourselves again, and this went on forever.

And now I'm 21 years old. I'm in Pakistan and I'm getting an email from Missy saying that it was a group email, it wasn't to me, but it was to everyone.

And I was one of the everyone's, that her mom had died from a pancreatic cancer. Erik Aude: [] It's awful.

Erik Aude: [] This is the woman that's been keeping me from this girl that I've loved since I was five years old, five years old.

Erik Aude: [] I was a fucking ass. I love you. I get back next week. I will be there for you. Anything you need. Don't worry. I'm really sorry this happened but then I'm like this pop.

It was technically 17 years after I've known this girl. I've been in love with this girl over 17 years. And finally the one woman, the reason, the main reason why we haven't been able to be together and make it go at it.

Erik Aude: [] Is out of the way. And what happens the very next day, I get arrested. I'm sorry, but God's got a fucked up sense of humor, man.

Erik Aude: [] Because dude, that's always, I mean, I was not meant to be with that girl for some reason. Erik Aude: [] Like I was looking at for that one reason.

That was the worst part. It was losing her. To me, that was the worst part. Losing the opportunity to be with this woman that I want to be with my entire life.

That was the worst part about it. And I get arrested the next day for unknowingly smuggling the opium. Erik Aude: [] Yeah, the jackets was a smoke screen.

If I had taken all the jackets out of the suitcase and put it in my own suitcase, I probably would've, -- red flags that have been raised by how angry they were.

Why would you guys be getting so angry? I'm just going to go in my own suitcase. You know, if I'm here for the leather jackets, then there should be no problem.

If I had emptied the suitcase, suitcase looks like an empty suitcase. Erik Aude: []. No, it's not, it's not, it's not, and it was still professionally concealed.

There's no way to like fill it and know it without knowing it, being in on it. There's no way to see it.

I pointed this out. Did you go through all their stuff when you were helping them move? Then how do you know you weren't being used to smuggle narcotics then?

I just know everything. Erik Aude: [] It's just misdirection. Drug smugglers are shameless and they're smart and that they can get their product across by keeping you in the dark, they will absolutely do that because they figured you won't draw suspicion to yourself, but also they don't have to pay you what you're really worth.

Erik Aude: [] It happens all the time. When I got out of the cab with the suitcases to leave Pakistan. We'll hook you up with some girls.

You have a great time. Next time I come back. I know for a fact I'm never coming back to Pakistan. Fucking country sucks.

Jordan Harbinger: [] Yeah, you're super positive. So the fact that you are just percent down on Pakistan at this point. Erik Aude: [] I know for a fact I'm never encourage Pakistan to anyone.

This is before I get arrested. Erik Aude: [] I would encourage Turkey to everyone because I had a great time. I did not have a great time in Pakistan.

How Erik Aude entered one of the world’s toughest prisons an innocent man and emerged as a murderer. What processing, being the new curiosity, and solitary confinement are like in an overcrowded Pakistani prison. How you know when you’re really in danger in a foreign prison: when they put you on death row for your own protection. What We Discuss with Erik Aude: How an American actor with a successful career gets wrongfully imprisoned in Pakistan for three years. Why Erik’s unique history with pain tolerance made him uniquely suited to survive torture and the rigors of prison life. The culture shock an average westerner might expect to experience while visiting Pakistan. Erik Audé is duped into drug smuggling and spends three years in a Pakistani prison. The true life story of Erik Audé, a 21 year old American actor who after was sent to death row in the most dangerous prison in Pakistan for a crime he didn't commit. Proven innocent he was forced with the choice of pride vs. freedom. Erik Anthony Audé (born April 5, ) is an American actor, stuntman, and professional poker player who was arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan for alleged drug trafficking. Audé maintains that he was duped into carrying opium and believed he was importing leather goods.
Erik Aude I don't know if he's bringing me a message or whatnot, but you're also always aware, that you can always tell something's wrong by the way people are through their gestures, and something was wrong with this guy. You may submit such content via Kasachstan Premier League Website so long as it is not threatening, objectionable, illegal, Www.Bet, defamatory to us or anyone elseinvasive of privacy or intellectual property rights, or otherwise injurious to us or third parties. I had a great time in Turkey. I never Spielbank Bad Kötzting to be known for this. So it's to protect the girls and vice versa, I guess. Eric Aude: [] They want to see me get you to get fucked up. I think Erik Aude did it because every time we were at parties, Casino Gambling Front Money, Golden Nugget Online Casino Ej Thomas, Casino Slot Spiele Kostenlos Rya was always drunk and I was like, this girl is a fucking liar because I don't drink. Erik Aude: [] Very sloppy. Who knows. Someone jumped on my back and had a knife in my shoulder and I fell over, and everyone around me, I'm trying to keep this dude. That's can't be fun. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. They're trying to beat confessions out of you. So it wasn't a matter of if it was a matter of when. Company reserves the right Red Bull Cola 355ml terminate your receipt, transmission, or other distribution of any such material using the Service, and, if applicable, to delete any such material from its servers.

Kultur-Rassismus durch fremde VГlker, Erik Aude gibt keine Probleme und. - Weitere Stars

Meine Sprecherkabine. Liebe Claudia, vielen Dank für die rechnung und die professionelle und angenehme Zusammenarbeit. Wenn Sie dazu noch das Geschlecht einschräänken, bekommen Sie auch nur Frauen oder männer Starg. Pepe Danquart. Toggle navigation. 12/7/ · Erik Anthony Aude Wiki Biography. Erik Anthony Audé was born on 5 April , in Beverly Hills, California USA, and is an actor, stuntman and professional poker player, but probably best known for being arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan for drug trafficking in Date Of Birth: April 5, 3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Audé Story is a feature length documentary about an American actor, who was sent to death row in one of the most dangerous prisons in Pakistan for a crime he didn't 90%(31). 9/28/ · Directed by Jamielyn Lippman. With Quinton Aaron, Erik Aude, Sherry Aude, David Brookwell. The true life story of Erik Aude, who was duped into drug smuggling and spent three years in a Pakistani prison/10(34).
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